Any company’s ability to grow, innovate and compete is dependent on the caliber of its leaders and focus on their development.

Leaders. What organizations are made of.

And…it is tough out there!

Rapid and dynamic changes in global economies, country
governance, ways of doing business, people and talent, the list is long!

Most organizations, small or large, are feeling somewhat
of amiss with the leadership talent hired. In fact, according to a recent
McKinsey study, more than 70% of organizations are unable to find the right leadership talent. Is it because of a leadership talent shortage or because organizations are not able to engage meaningfully with the talent enough to successfully hire them? Our study revealed that both the reasons are equally responsible for the low leadership hiring success rate of organizations. Organizations, small and large, know that it is very
crucial to seek the right leadership talent.

For me, it about, “The first step is getting it right and getting it right in the first step”

To get it right it is all about who is up there…

This means defining what the business really “needs” and not “wants”, finding the right partners who not only search in the right places
but advise you on identifying the right leadership talent. Followed by applying more realistic and effective screening methods that indicate a more holistic report of the leadership incumbent. One that recognises not only the mandatory business acumen and skills but also the unique ability to really inspire and lead people. A partner with a defined process that revolves around people and excellence right from sourcing, screening and meaningfully engaging with talent for the right fitment and a quick on-boarding process to successfully hire them within a quick stipulated period of time.

Say, we get this part right. For me, this is when the story really begins.

It is all about “The importance of Day One” How does the company welcome the leader? What are the values that people reflect to create
an atmosphere for a smooth induction into the system with an open mind? How quick is the hired leader able to create a high-trust work environment? And say, adapt to the needs of the established or growing organizations’ life which is all about working with eclectic groups of an old school philosophy of doing things vs the net generation or millennial. Is she or he able to empower team members with appropriate autonomy and independence, the need of the hour?

From my early days, I learnt that if our work and life approach is “People first plus nothing short of excellence, then it equals
to success”

For the last 2 decades of my professional journey,
working across functions, industries and evolving into a people development entrepreneur, I have learnt to understand the underlying need of management, employees, team members, superiors, sub staff, clients, vendors, et al. And that there is a leader in each one of us. All we need is a nudge, at times!

As we move from industrial to digital and social revolution in the work world, the challenge will be about knowing people, while understanding businesses and companies in a world of artificial intelligence
and machine learning.

Human needs when understood and fulfilled in complex work
environment dynamics of today’s times is the key to successful transaction or as I call them…Relationships.

— Sonal Gadhvi – Chief Relationship Officer – C Aspect

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