Seeking Talent in today’s times

Seeking Talent in today’s times

People to hire? What do you do?! You pick up the phone and call your local recruitment firm for that “lot of resumes” to fill up your hiring targets. But is your solution provider keeping pace or moving faster than you? Thinking innovatively? Doing the right thing? Are they local, domestic, global? Giving you the right fitment? Are they talking about partnering with you and working from a holistic angle?

Fact checks besides employment history and some fancy psychological assessments that some modern companies apply are a given.

Gone are the days where one got a fee for transactional recruitments or will soon be. It is a time when internal and external recruiters work together in a complementary way and not in competition, both will serve their clients better — hiring managers and candidates.

It is important to ponder on, what is the walking talking value system that you, your employees and company projects in office and outside? Do you treat your team as you would your customers? What is your employer value brand?

As the artificial intelligence world evolves at an unbelievable pace, we will stand in a very small world suddenly. In the spotlight. Individual and Company. Both.

So I say, we change the lens.

Identifying the right partners, breaking old hiring patterns, upskilling and reskilling of recruitment departments, speed hires, turn key solutions, thinking cultural and value fit with innovative reference checks as part of the selection, long term solutions, modern solutions for new age start-ups. Companies as well as Candidates.

We live in interesting times. Are we moving into the employee’s era? Where top talent has multiple opportunities one can now choose the company. It is now time for companies, who require that specialist who will help to identify and reach out to A + top talent and speed hire them before losing them to competition.

And then there is Gen Next, who have been passed the baton of that age old business or the all so famous world of start-ups causing market disruption, or newly funded ones need a modern leader not necessary a long term one just a specialist to take them from point A to Point B.

Talent has always been out there. Methods of seeking need to evolve.

Bbhuvaneshwarii – Head – Research & Market Development

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